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Hydraulic production & services

Specialists within hydraulics

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We design according to customer specifications. Design of hydraulic solutions for the industrial, offshore and marine sectors.
We deliver complete hydraulic systems. Everything in mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic assembling including control systems.
We offer a variety of rental units. On our site you’ll find the various units and data sheets describing their technical specifications.
In our store we offer pipes, hoses, fittings and much more. See catalogues for complete assortment.
We perform inspections, maintenance and troubleshooting on mechanical and hydraulic equipment. Carried out in-house and on-site.
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Our team consists of experts in their fields
Design and production of hydraulic/mechanical equipment according to customer specifications. We provide service and maintenance on hydraulic equipment. We supply hydraulic components: valves, pumps, filters, couplings, etc.
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Do you have a project we can assist you with?
On call 24/7: +47 57 62 40 80